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AX 2012 - When Developing SSRS Report, if Visual Studio Table Window Disappears?

View->Report Data

AX 2012 - My New Field's Value Disappearing when Editing VendInvoiceInfoTable

I add a new field to VendInvoiceInfoTable When try to edit with VendEditInvoice form I saw my new field's value is empty. After a long research I found out Axapta copy source record to another record and edit this new record. Meanwhile Axapta skips my new field. Axapta uses table method copyFromHeader while copying. Add my new line:

    this.VendorRequestedWorkerEmail = _header.VendorRequestedWorkerEmail;
    //my new field
    this.myNewField     = _header.

Problem overed. Same method valid for related VendInvoiceInfoLine table too.

AX - 2012 What Comes Instead of TypeId?

You'll see TypeId doesn't work at AX 2012. Instead of that AX 2012'de you may use EnumStr for enums and diğer ExtendedTypeStr for other data types.

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AX 2012 - Send marked records to SSRS RDP Report

SSRS DP Class don't accept table or container data types as parm method. I searched at forums and saw str data type adviced. But I think this's not best approach. At last learned best way already in standard AX SSRS reports. At this link there's a PDF file tells look for check report. I generated this report with look form ChequeDP and ChequeController classes:

Controller class:

class declaration:

class myController extends SrsReportRunController
   myTMPTable   myTMPTable;

public static void main(Args _args)
    SysLastValue    SysLastValue;
    myController controller = new myController();

protected void prePromptModifyContract()

    SrsTmpTblMarshallerContract contract = this.parmReportContract().parmRdpContract() as SrsTmpTblMarshallerContract;

    new SRSReportRunPermission().assert();


public void init()
    FormDataSource      ds;
    TransDate           transDate;
    VendTrans           vendTrans;

    if (!this.parmArgs()             ||
        !this.parmArgs().record()    ||
        this.parmArgs().dataset() != tableNum(VendTrans))
        throw error("Report should be call with correct parameter!..");

    ds = this.parmArgs().record().dataSource();

    vendTrans = ds.getFirst(1);
    transDate = vendTrans.transDate;
    PaymentReceipt.VendAccount = vendTrans.AccountNum;

    for (vendTrans = ds.getFirst(1); vendTrans != null; vendTrans = ds.getNext())
        myTMPTable.Date             = vendTrans.TransDate;


DP Class:

// <ETG - memre > GN:   T: 11.07.2014 A:
public class mpDP extends SRSReportDataProviderBase
    myTMPTAble myTMPTable;

private void initTmpTable()
    SrsTmpTblMarshallerContract contract = this.parmDataContract() as SrsTmpTblMarshallerContract;

    new SRSReportRunPermission().assert();

    myTMPTable = SRSTmpTblMarshaller::getTmpTbl(contract.parmTmpTableDataRecId());


public void processReport()

    CompanyInfo                 Company;
    VendTable                   vendTable;
    AmountMST                   amount;
    TempStr                     NumtoTxt;
    LedgerJournalTrans          LedgerTrans;