20 Ağustos 2021 Cuma

Dynamics 365 F&O - Extend decimal point beyond five

 Dynamics 365 F&O supports six decimal points. So just extend decimal point field  of extended data type doesn't enough:



We need to do a few tricks more:

In first we create a new field for save decimal point and be sure this method below to run after every write (We can call from update/insert methods).

  public void updateInterestRateDecimals()
        this.InterestRateDecimal = (this.InterestRate - real2int(this.InterestRate) ) *


Than we modify postLoad like this:

public void postLoad()
        if (this.InterestRateDecimal != 0)
            this.InterestRate = real2int(this.InterestRate) +
                this.InterestRateDecimal / 100000000;





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