27 Kasım 2021 Cumartesi

Dynamics 365 F&O - If debugger begin jump meanless this would be about an endless recursive call

 I wrote an endless recursive call with AX 2012 accidentally. When I run my code I suspected an endless loop and tried to debug. Debugger was jumping from there by a confusing way over there in code meanless. I did a bit of google and found this would be about an endless recursive call.

When I lived same situation with 365 F&O two days ago it was so surprising for me. With all new compiled base in Visual Studio debugger I wouldn't expect this strange behaviour again. This time it was a bit different but same behaviour again (In 2009 it was going irrelevant code lines in every hit, this time in one point it was going irrelevant code again but after that begun an endless loop without a loop). This time I remembered what I lived with in 2009, so I fixed it fast.

At the end I mean if your debugger goes irrelevant code, -doesn't matter if 2009, 2012 or 365 F&O- you would be written an endless recursive call (Or your colleague would do a test in your DEV machine).

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